Writing Your Product Title And Description

Often times a great product description can be the most important selling point of a marketed design. A good product description not only entices customers to purchase, but also helps a design to be found when potential customers perform a search. First we need to add a title that is both relevant and easily searchable. Something to the effect “Bowling Makes Me Happy,” is specific enough to narrow search, explain the product and appeal to the buyer.

product description

SEO and Keyword Tagging

When marketing to a particular niche, it is useful to research the most relevant keyword searches within it. Having a directed product title, paired with highly searched keywords, will not only help consumers locate product on our site, but also help with product specific SEO.

The description is where we will want to focus our sales pitch. This area can be used to help the consumer relate with the product (soft sell) or directly engage the consumer to purchase (hard sell). An example of a soft sell may be “For the bowler who is not a people person,” while a hard sell would demand “order this hot seller today.” Mastering the art of the description will net higher sales and boost conversions.

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