Widgets And How They Work

What is a SunFrog Widget?

A SunFrog Widget is a customizable iframe display that allows you to show shirts of your choosing on your blog or website. Widgets are a great tool to create dynamic ads for your website or blog that are genre or category specific.

Why are Widgets great?

Your affiliate ID is automatically applied to the links within the widget and as an affiliate you will get paid your commission when any traffic that clicks the widget completes a purchase. Widgets are completely customizable. With some quick configuration settings you can control the types of shirts that will display,  the button text, the button color, and the size of the widget.  There are 2 different sizes to the widget and no limits to how many you can create for your blogs or sites.

How to create a Widget on SunFrog.

Step 1. Select Your Category/Categories
Choose the categories you would like your widget to pick shirts from. You can a single category, multiple categories, or show all shirts by not selecting a category. To narrow down your shirt poo, applying using the ‘Search Term’ field. f you are looking for a specific search term. Example: If the pet category is to broad you can choose “Dog” to grab only shirts related to Dogs. You could even be more specific and enter “Pitbulls” would grab shirts that are related to “Pitbulls”

Step 2. Copy Widget Code
Copy the code in the text boxes and embed them on your webpage or blog. That’s it! Tip: The widget works great in most site side bars!

Button Text
The text displayed on the buttons can be individually configured. Tip: Don’t get to wordy! Keep the text short to ensure the entire text is visible.

Button Color
Choose from 4 different colors (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow). It is a good idea to do some split testing with different color and wording combos to maximize your conversions. Tip: Use colors that contrast with your website or blog to create a button that stands out!

Examples of Widgets in use.




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