Website Remodel

SunFrog has grown significantly over the last year, nearly twenty eight hundred percent! We are very thankful to all of our affiliates and artists that have supported us to make this growth possible. SunFrog has been working very hard over the last month to bring a fresh, more design focused, front end to both our affiliates and end customers.


The new front page will be more designed focused to allow us to better feature the quality artists SunFrog has the pleasure of working with. We have added featured artist banner ads to link to their collections that will rotate interchangeably. The shirts on the front will no longer be based on hot sellers, but rather reflect the quality art that we have to offer.

front 2.0

New Product Page

The product page has been significantly cleaned up allowing us more space for additional features. Not only does the new page “pop” better but it also has built in social buttons for easier sharing! In addition customers will easily be able to navigate between the different items they may be considering. Customers will also be able to make comments on the product for other users to see, and even post it to Facebook helping build organic reach.

New Product


Checkout will now be easier for the customers with the new, streamlined, checkout experience. Customers will now be able to see a running inventory of all of their items sizes, designs and number of units ordered. This will lead to less returns and exchanges for our affiliates and less hassle for our customers.

New Checkout

Promotional Shipping

When the new front end goes live for all users, our affiliates will have a two week period of discounted shipping. Shipping fees will be $0.99 Domestic (US only) and flat rated international as our special way of saying thank you!

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