Tracking Cookies

The world of internet marketing can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to tracking cookies. There are some common misconceptions about how tracking cookies function. To dispel the myths surrounding this complex topic, we have put together a guide detailing how the process works.

Session Cookie

First we should cover the two basic types of cookies involved in the process. The two types of cookies we will be covering in this article are “session” and “extended.” Session cookies are applied when an affiliate sends a customer to SunFrog with a marketed link, containing their affiliate ID. Session cookies are active for two hours our until an item is purchased.

Extended Cookie

SunFrog has a fourteen day extended cookie. The extended cookie is also applied to a customer’s tracking data when they are sent here by an affiliate link. Extended cookies remain active and will refresh session cookies when customers return to the site directly.

Following the Customer

When a customer visits our website for the first time they will be assigned a tracking cookie from the affiliate who drove them to SunFrog. For the purpose of this article let us assume the traffic arrived from affiliate ?1234. This will start a two hour session cookie that will remain active until a transaction is made. If the customer leaves the page the session cookie will remain active, and if they return within two hours the session cookie will re apply. If the customer clicks on another affiliate link while the session cookie is active, they will remain set to affiliate ?1234.

If a product is purchased or the session cookie expires the rules change. A customer returning to our website, directly, will still have the extended cookie in their cache. As long as they reach SunFrog without clicking on any outside links, the original affiliate, ?1234, will earn commission on anything the customer purchases. However, if the customer is surfing Facebook and finds a link to a different shirt they like and affiliate ?5678 drives to the customer to SunFrog a new session cookie will be applied. ?5678 will now have their ID applied to the customer’s tracking data along with the 14 day extended cookie.

This process is standard internet protocol and assures that affiliate marketers get the credit they deserve. To see which affiliate ID is currently applied in the tracking data cache visit

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