Top 11 reasons to use SunFrog

Top 11 Reasons to Use SunFrog

1. No Sales Goals

At SunFrog we pride ourselves on our unique sales perspective. We do not require our affiliates to obtain specific sales goals or ‘tipping points’ to profit. This leaves you free to sell personalized T-shirts to niche markets, with no risk to your investment. Our affiliates are empowered to sell as many, or few, shirts per order as they desire. SunFrog is committed to making it as easy for our affiliates to profit as possible.

2. Mobile Friendly and Complete Buying Experience

Variety is the spice of life! SunFrog provides your customers with a complete shopping experience and over a million unique designs! This will allow you to boost sale conversions by making sure your customers find a design they want! SunFrogs mobile version is streamlined for optimal mobile compatibility and simplified to provide your buyers a quick and easy mobile experience.

3. Endless Campaigns

Instead of setting strict deadlines for you campaigns, SunFrog puts the power in the affiliate’s hands. After creating a campaign you are free to end or resume it at your discretion. This enables our affiliates to provide designs to customers year round, or create seasonal collections. The endless campaign system keeps buyers happy by always having their favorite products, but also provides you the tools to create fire sales.

4. Create Your Own Designs

Not finding the design you are looking for? Create your own! SunFrog provides you the ability to upload your own images and use them to create your mock ups, providing endless design options. As an artist you will also earn commission on your design regardless of who sells it. We make it easy to get your design printed. If you can dream it, SunFrog can make it a reality!

5. Advanced Options

Build your own brand! With advanced options like our “collections” you are able to create a unique landing page for all of your designs. We allow you to customize the look and feel of your sales platform, to create the experience you want for your customers. SunFrog even allows clients to iframe their platform and sell it to other users.

6. Great Quality Prints

First and foremost SunFrog stands behind our quality products. We use the most advanced “Direct to Garment” printer technology. This allows you to take your custom designs to the next level. SunFrog stands behind their products completely, offering 100% satisfaction gurantee!

7. Fast Inexpensive Shipping

Following our “print to order” model allows us to provide blazing fast delivery. SunFrog has taken the time to negotiate extremely low shipping rates for our customers. Great shipping rates combined with our money back guarantee provides you with everything you need to provide great customer service.

8. Quality Customer Service

At SunFrog affiliates, designers and end customers are king! We provide fast, professional customer service to answer both you and your customers concerns. We are dedicated to innovating our systems and channels to meet everyone’s needs.

9. Vast Design Selection

With our ever growing library of designs, you are not required to design your own shirt. New designs are uploaded daily providing you with an ever growing directory to provide fresh designs for your customers.

10. High Commission Rates

Allowing you the power to be both designer and affiliate creates outrageous earning potential. Our adaptive affiliate program allows you to earn higher commissions the more you sell! As a designer you earn separate commission, regardless of who sells your design. This allows our clients to earn both affiliate and designer commissions, with earning potentials as high as 50%!

11. Great Universal Support

SunFrog is your platform to grow into the successful business you seek. Whether a veteran of the industry or a newcomer, we have the tools you need to succeed. Between support groups, tutorials, message boards and direct access to SunFrog account representatives you always have lifeline!


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jeffery grimes
January 30, 2015 8:08 pm

I am wanting to buy one of your shirts that I saw and it said something like “it’s a Grimes thing” you wouldn’t understand. I been looking for it on my Facebook but I can’t find it. Could you please send it to me so I can order one?



Here is a link that should get you what you are looking for:


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