Team Manager

Many of our affiliates at SunFrog have scaled their shirt selling hobby into a career. With great wealth comes great responsibility, and SunFrog’s new Team Manager was designed to alleviate some of the stress of running an online business. With our new Team Manager there is no need to convert your account, but rather affiliates can invite collaborators to share in the responsibility.

Team Hosting

By hosting a team you can invite other affiliates to join your team with varying levels of access. You may invite members to your team by sending them an email to the account they used to sign up with SunFrog. When sending the email invite you may also select the level of responsibility you desire them to have. Team administrators may modify, add, or delete team members at any time.

Virtual Assistant

This account level can only upload art to the account/team. All designs are submitted under the Primary/Administrator account.

Account Manager

Account managers can upload and edit designs, view traffic, and use sharing tools.


Primary account holder. This level gains full access to the primary account including payment information. There is only one administrator account for the team and it must be the account originally hosting the team.

Team Player

We are aware that users may want to participate on many teams at once. SunFrog allows affiliates to retain full access to their primary account, while participating on several different teams. Affiliates will be able to view a list of teams they are on and their access level on each of those teams.

With the new SunFrog team manager our affiliates will have even more control over their success. Try it out today and let us know what you think!

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Daryl Parsons
April 30, 2015 7:37 am

This looks and sounds good to be a part of


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