SunFrog Collections 101

What is a Collection?

A Collection is a customized landing page for a group of shirts you have hand selected from ANYWHERE on Collections give you the ability to create a unique landing page for each of your niche audiences comprised of any design you add to it. It doesn’t even have to be your design!

What Makes a Collection Awesome?

Create Niche Landing Pages

Make your niche as general or specific as you would like. You may choose to have a collection for all pets, just dogs, or a pit bull specific collection. . With collections created, you can then run ad campaigns on an entire collection and target specific audiences, giving them an array of designs geared for them specifically.

Collections Automatically Attach your Affiliate ID

Products outside of a collection require affiliates to manually attach their ID. An example link might be Once your traffic hits the collection page they are automatically assigned to your affiliate ID. An example URL for a collection would be

Get Paid on Any Design Purchased

Collections may be filled with either images you created or other artists designs. Either way you earn your affiliate commission on all products in your collection. Collections also allow you to get paid whenever a design is purchased even if the design is not part of your collection. As long as your collection brought the customer to our website, you get payed your affiliate commission!

How To Create A Collection

Step 1 Log in to your account on

Step 2 Click ‘Collections’ under the ‘Selling’ section on the navigation.

Step 3 Click ‘Create New’ at the top of the collections page.

Step 4 Name your collection and click ‘Create’.


Step 5 Click ‘Add Items’ to begin adding shirts to the collection.

Step 6 Browse for the designs you want.

Step 7 Click ‘+ Collection’ on a design to add it to your collection.


Step 8 Click ‘Finish’ when you are done adding designs.


Step 9 (Optional) Upload a banner to your new Collection page! Banner dimensions must be 793px X 226px.


Step 10 Click the ‘See It Now’ Collection link at the top of the collection page to view and share your page!




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