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Still in a post pi day slump? Earth day not working out the way you planned? SunFrog is happy to announce its incentive package for the month of April! To get the ball rolling we have put together a list of hot designs for our affiliates to push. There are a total twelve designs to push that come from some very hot artists! Affiliates may sell any of the featured designs selected from Busted Tee’s, Fanbuild’s and Crooked Monkey’s collections. All of the designs selected are very hot sellers, that should be very easy for everyone to push!

As you sell the featured designs you will continue to earn your way toward better prizes. The more shirts that our affiliates sell, the better the prize! Any combination of 12 featured shirts may be sold. Affiliates may choose to only market one design, or give them all a shot. Whether its your first affiliate sale ever, or you sell 1500 shirts, there are prizes for everyone!

Featured Designs

Designs for the contest can be found at



Grand Prize: 128GB iPad Air 2- $699 (1,500 sold)
1st Prize: 128GB iPad Mini 3- $599 (1,250 sold)
2nd Prize: 32GB iPad Air- $449 (1,000 sold)
3rd Prize PS4- $399 (900 sold)
4th Prize: XBOX ONE $349 (800 sold)
5th Prize: 16GB iPad Mini- $249 (650 sold)
6th Prize: 8GB Kindle Fire $139 (500 sold)
7th Prize: $100 VISA Gift Card (100 sold)
8th Prize: $50 VISA Gift Card (60 sold)
9th Prize: $25 VISA Gift Card (30 sold)
10th Prize: First Affiliate Sale EVER = Free Shirt

Contest Rules

  • Must sell featured designs to count toward total
  • Returns will be subtracted from the total
  • Shirts must be sold from one account
  • Contest starts 12:00 AM EST April 1 and ends 11:59 PM April 30

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Love it!!


How were these designs selected to be eligible for the contest? Were they the most hot selling t-shirts at the time and if so will there be future contests with a possibility of having one of my designs selected based on performance of course? I’m just curious if these were designs Sunfrog created themselves or if these are member designs selected based on performance.



The designs were chosen from some of our new Affiliate Merchants and a couple of top sellers from our older Affiliates. We plan on doing more contests like this in the future to begin featuring some of our top quality designs.

Great Question,


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