Retargeting: Introduction

Retargeting is a form of advertising that helps keep our products top of mind to the consumer. For most websites, only about 2% of traffic converts on the first visit. A retargeting ad focuses on bringing the other 98% of customers back to the website.

Consumer Process

It is often assumed that sales are made based on the path of least resistance. While this is an enchanting notion, it is very rare for a customer to buy the first time they visit the website. The nature of an impulsive marketplace has changed the landscape of online marketing quite drastically. Consumers who click through our ads are more likely to bounce than purchase. This is something that marketers need to be prepared for. Luckily retargeting ads exist for the very purpose of reaching a bounced audience.

How Retargeting Works

When a consumer visits our website a small piece of JavaScript (Pixel) cookies to their browser, signifying they have visited the website. Now, third party software can be used to send ads directly to those consumers who have visited our site. The simple fact that they have visited our site, makes them more likely to buy from us than the average consumer. We can now very simply generate ads to discount our product, or put different product in front of our consumers.

List Based Retargeting

List based retargeting is another, very effective way, of getting ad space in front of the consumer. An e-mail list can be generated to contain consumers that have purchased from us before, have signed up for a giveaway or signed up for our web services. The list can then be plugged in to a marketing service, such as Facebook, and ads can be generated to a specific audience base.

Conversion and ROI

The main goal with targeting should be increasing conversion rate to benefit from higher ROI, due to lower ad spend. Setting up a custom audience, to take advantage of previous “window shoppers,” will naturally cause this effect. Serving an ad to an ultra targeted audience will increase relevance score, through higher click rates and engagement. In subsequent articles we will discuss how to set up retargeting audiences and use our e-mail export function.

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