Re-targeting: E-mail Export

Experienced marketers know that it is easier, and more cost efficient, to sell products to previous buyers than it is to constantly target a new customer base. That is why we have just added a new re-targeting feature to the account manager.

Email Export

Our artists and affiliates can now download a list of customer information and use it to create a custom audience for Facebook ads. To download the information, go to “traffic” then “email export.”

CSV Download

Enter the desired date range (180 days view able at a time) and click “update.” The data shows customer name, email, country and the title/SKU of the design they purchased. It also specifies whether it was an artist and/or affiliate sale. This information can be downloaded as CSV and archived with a spreadsheet program.

Custom Audience

To create a custom audience built with this newly acquired information log in to Facebook and find the “Audiences” tab within ad manager. Create a new “customer list,” custom audience, then copy and paste the e-mail column in to the the available field.

csv impor 2

Affiliates can now generate an ad to target customers who have purchased before, or even generate an ad to users who have purchased a specific design! Re-targeting is a very efficient form of marketing that has much higher ROI than typical ad buying.

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What does the SKU mean?


The SKU is the product identification number. The SKU contains information on the design, style and color.


How do you use the “Design Search” field?
Is it possible to get results from ANY shirt on Sunfrog, or just your own?


Rob this will allow you to filter your e-mail database by design. This is only on designs that you have sold, to allow you separate out audiences by niches if you wish.


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