One of the most frequent questions we get is “how can I be successful with SunFrog.” As many of us know, there is no short answer or easy road to success. Because of the complicated nature of this topic, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the basic concepts of the industry. The keys to success with our platform can be broken down into, roughly, four different areas: Process, Design, Ads and Scaling. In this article we will be covering Process.

Building a Foundation

Process is the most important element in most any business venture. Process serves as the foundation that we build our campaigns and niches around. One of the key mistakes many affiliates make is they generate their designs first and then go after a niche to serve their design. This is a fundamental flaw in the process that can sink an online career before it even starts. By researching some of the top affiliate marketers, we have put together an effective work flow.

  1. Start with an audience in mind
  2. Build unofficial fan pages around target audiences to build followers
  3. Research the fans, more specifically why they like the subject matter
  4. Poll the audience on the types of designs they would like to see
  5. Unleash your design in the right place, at the right time, for the right people
1.) Audience

Start by targeting an audience you are passionate about. Many of us move in to affiliate marketing because we are unhappy with our day jobs. It is important that we drive our online career to be something we find enjoyable. Many affiliates love sports, or are very knowledgeable on the topic.They may want to pursue building fan pages for their favorites teams, cities, or places to watch sports.

2.) Fan Page

Build personal fan pages, or become active on fan pages that host the target audience. The more respect affiliates have in a particular community, the more likely their ads will get clicked through. The important thing is to generate a following that can be tapped for information and serve as the primary consumer for our products. The larger following an affiliate can produce, the better. It may also be beneficial to produce several fan pages to get a better feel for what is trending, or where it may be easier to push particular designs.

3.) Research Fans

What specific message or trait does an audience use to identify themselves as fans? This is the most important question to answer before beginning creation on a design. Maybe “Keep Calm” appeals to a stress free lifestyle or fans of a sports team have a particular saying they often display on signs. We want to look for whatever message or trait our fans hold closest to their personal identity.

4.) Poll the audience

If locking in specific designs to market is causing problems, it may be a good idea to ask the fan page audiences what they would like. Our target audience is going to be our best source of information when it comes to which design they would most like to buy. Seems like a no brainier, but this step is often skipped.

5.) Right Place, Right Time, Right People

This by far is the most difficult part of the process to pull off. We need to make sure that our audience is primed to receive the design we are trying to sell. Artificial hype can be created to accomplish this, or an actual event can be used as the catalyst to get people excited. Always make sure that designs are released within a window where they can be, conceivably, purchased and received before the deadline. Markets that are over saturated with similar designs should also be avoided; instead look for concepts that are catching on but have not yet been marketed.

Now that we have an audience primed, and general idea of what they want, it is time to focus on generating the actual design. There are a few key things to focus on in order to generate a successful design, which we will be covered in the next article.

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