Patriotic Movie Night

The fireworks are over, the kids have gone to bed, midnight has come and gone, but you still have guests to entertain. It is time for spirits and one more snack. Cuddle up on the couch in your favorite t-shirt, and pop in a great patriotic film. It is America’s birthday, and the celebratory weekend is not even close to over! Fourth of July is about fun, laughter, and celebration.

5 Tips for a Great Movie Night
  1. Choose your film wisely – To celebrate the 4th of July, we have chosen a few great films for you.
  2. Read the Room – Poll friends and family to see which movie everyone would like to watch.
  3. Make Popcorn – Pop it up! Popcorn is a must for any movie night.
  4. Keep it Cushy – You may not have couch space for everyone, so put down some blow-up mattresses, pillows from your deck furniture and keep everyone comfy.
  5. Plan for talk time – After the movie, bring the snacks back out and dive right in to the critiques.



Movies, snacks and comfy tees are a perfect recipe for a spectacular evening. So pop that corn, enjoy these great films and keep the party going all weekend!

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