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SunFrog has recently launched a new skin for the manager page, and we would like to spend some time covering the new features. Our aim was to provide more accurate data, that was easier to read. In some instances, we need to dig a little deeper for the numbers, but we believe the information will be very useful to our affiliate base.


The first thing our affiliates will notice is the dashboard. From here we can navigate to any of the features with the top nav drop down menus, or use the mobile friendly dashboard buttons. In the top right corner you will see messages as well as your affiliate ID, and log out drop down menu.


New Buttons and Analytics

Let us jump into Design/Manage Designs/Edit Design to check out some of the new features we have added for the affiliates.


The first thing to take a look at is the new buttons highlighted in the photo below. These were added to provide additional information about a page and show analytic data, depending on the page you are on. The educational blue button will expand the page to show more information about the feature you are in, the red video button will link to any video associated with the topic and the yellow graph button will show view/sale/conversion on your products.







You may have also noticed the addition of the events button. We were receiving many questions about what holidays to target, or what events should be most important. SunFrog has put together a lists of upcoming holidays that can be marketed, and which ones we will feature on the main page. The Contests page will have all information about the current contest SunFrog is running, and where you rank!

Traffic – More Data!

The graph report now displays more accurate information in an easy to read format. The date range can be adjusted anywhere within the last thirty days and we have added the ability to see your top five, twenty-five, or fifty designs. The new manager skin is just one of the many new features that SunFrog plans on releasing this year.  Stay tuned for more!


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