New Advanced Features

We are excited to announce some brand new features that can help increase your traffic and conversion rate. The new advanced features for the product page will allow our affilates to streamline their SunFrog Shirt pages to provide less distractions for customers. In other words, we are giving the affiliates more control over the look and feel of the SunFrog site. In addition to previous features, our affiliates will also find the following available for use in the “Advanced Features” area (under the “Share” tab).

Product Page Options

Social Buttons

Social buttons can now be toggled on or off. Turn the social buttons on if ease of sharing and immediate social proof are priorities. Remove the social buttons if trying test the strength of a particular ad.

Show Payment Icons

Choose to include the image that shows payment options or remove it from the page. We have added this to provide a secure checkout, but some affiliates may find higher conversions by removing it.

Satisfaction Gaurentee

Include the “100% satisfaction guaranteed” banner or remove it from the page. Many customers will appreciate a company that stands behind their product, but it may be removed for testing purposes.

Printed in the USA

If our affiliates prefer customers not know where the shirts are printed or just want to cut out some distractions on the SunFrog page, this option can be removed.

Recently Viewed

Show cross sell and other products customers have viewed to entice them to purchase more. This is a great way to sell additional shirts to customers, but if a cleaner shopping experience is preferred, or the strength of a particular design is being tested, it may be turned off.

Social Comments

Allow other people’s comments to be viewed by customers and posted to facebook. This is great for social proof, but this feature can be deactivated to eliminate “noise” from the page.

The set up and instructions for these features are very easy to follow. Just login to the account manager, go to “Share” and then “Advanced Features.” A copy and paste code, to add to the product URL, can be found there to add any of these changes to an affiliates marketable link.

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