Current Market Trends

What shirts are hot, which markets are most lucrative and which color sells best? These are some of the most common questions we hear at SunFrog and we would like to spend some time addressing this topic.


It’s no secret that certain colors of shirts sell better than others. After many lines of inquiry about which color t-shirt sells best, we ran the numbers through our system and, across the board, black stood out as the clear winner. For secondary colors the results varied based on the cut of the shirt.


  1. Black
  2. Navy Blue
  3. Royal Blue
  4. Dark Grey
  5. Red


  1. Black
  2. Purple
  3. Hot Pink
  4. Navy Blue
  5. Dark Grey


  1. Black
  2. Navy Blue
  3. Royal Blue
  4. Red
  5. Maroon

Design Trends

hot sellers

These are some of the designs that are doing very well for us right now. As we can see there is not any, one, design choice that is going to guarantee success. Here are some of the hot trends we are seeing now:

  • “Made In”
  • “Keep Calm”
  • Dog shirts, especially when marketing specific breeds to the correct niche
  • “Pi Day” The pi day of the century is coming up soon!
  • Shirts featuring relevant holidays
  • Patriotic and “Origin”
  • Spiritual and Religious prints

To compound the popularity of these designs, it is often very useful to add a personal touch. When creating “Origin” shirts you may find it useful to add the names of popular cities, states, or provinces. For the “Made In” design consider adding many different years for your end customers to choose from.

Niches & Variety

One thing to consider when designing, or picking your designs, is what your target market is calling for. For example, selling valentines day shirts in July, USA themed shirts oversees, or pug shirts to cat people are probably not going to sell very well. Always keep your audience in mind before putting together your collections or mass producing your designs.

The most important thing is to keep your campaigns fresh. Pushing the same design to your market, over an extended period of time, will create diminishing returns on view to sale due to market saturation. To keep your sales numbers up, keep your designs fresh, and avoid over marketing certain niches.






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