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This story begins with a young man in a career path, as many of us found ourselves in early in life, searching for a better way to earn. Phan Thai was working as a construction engineer making about $400.00 per month. Aspiring to be better than, “just getting by,” he found his way into selling T-shirts online and was able to supplement his incoming, earning about $1,000.00 per month. While Phan Thai got his start using other T-shirt platforms he eventually made his way over to SunFrog Shirts. “A friend of mine sent me a link over facebook… after taking a look at the business model I was very impressed to realized that there were no tipping points to achieve!”

With SunFrog, Phan Thai also learned that he could sell other artists designs, and had many extra options for expanding his existing designs. Excited by this, he focused his efforts over to SunFrog and began marketing the shirts he uploaded to our platform. “The first week I spent a lot of time studying new designs, finding new niches to market and replying to customers… Starting out it was very tough; I only got about four to six hours of sleep a night.” Because SunFrog allows individual shirts to be sold, Phan Thai was able to market to many new niches and be more specific with his targeting. “The first day I sold an “origin” State shirt to a woman in the United States. I had two other designs sell on my first day, which motivated me to keep designing and selling.

It was not long before Phan Thai’s sales really took off. Pretty soon he was selling hundreds of shirts per day and making much more than he was with either his construction wage or using other platforms. Just being successful was not quite enough, there were other affiliates struggling to make other platforms work, and he wanted to help them become more successful, using the SunFrog platform. “I began coaching about thirty members within one of the affiliate groups I was a part of. Three of the affiliates I was training had sales on their first day and the rest followed behind them very shortly. I was very proud to be able to bring success to the first members of my team so quickly.” Many of affiliates that Phan Thai trained have gone on to be very successful.

Phan Thai now spends most of his time training and managing affiliates to help them achieve their own prosperity. He was able to hire several assistants to monitor his sales and campaign activity. This allowed him the time he needed to take care of very pressing business. On January 27, 2015 Phan Thai and Yen Bui were joined together in marriage. “SunFrog Shirts changed so many things about my life. By using SunFrog Shirts to increase my revenue, I was able to buy a new house for my wife, a new car for myself and begin living the life I wanted… I would just like to say thank you to SunFrog shirts, everyone on my team and everyone of the SunFrog Vietnam Facebook group.”

“Above all else I want to thank my loving wife. I have known she was my soul mate for eleven years, the love of my life for six, and now the woman I am so thankful to call my bride. She has stood by me even in the most difficult of times.” Family has always been Phan Thai’s number one motivation, and is still driving him to be as successful as he can. “Do not be discouraged by failure, be creative, try your best, and may my success motivate your career!”

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Greg Andrews
March 6, 2015 8:15 am

Beautiful wife and beautiful story. Good for you!


Really nice sharing, and I feel motivated!


Thanks all! Hope everyone can be successful with SunfrogShirts!


My friend, my idol.


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