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SunFrog is an affiliate based platform, but art is very highly valued. Without our artist partners our affiliates would not have any shirts to market. Many of our affiliates also prefer to design their own shirts to have more control over the process. Whatever the reason, we have put together a guide to walk our artists through the upload process. To get started log into SunFrog and select “New Design.”

Load Art File

The first thing we will need to do is upload our art file. To do this click “Select Art File” and locate the image to be used as the t-shirt design and select it to upload to our servers. The art file must be in PNG format and at least 2400 x 3200 to be approved for upload.

Load Mock up File

After the art file has been successfully uploaded click “Next” to proceed to obtaining the mock up file. This page is where our artists can download the layer group they will need to generate the mock ups that will be displayed on the product page. The mock up is used to depict an accurate representation of what the customer can expect their product to look like when it arrives. Click on any of the mock up templates to download, unzip the files and open with Photoshop.

Now that the layer group is open, place the art file on to the shirt. After the image has been placed on the mock up save it as a JPG and upload the project to our website by clicking “Select Mockup File.”


The next thing to do will be to add a description to the mock up that has been uploaded. The information input here will play an important role in the sale of our product.

Add and accurate title and relevant key words to help both affiliates and end customers to easily find the design. Enter a description that is brief but powerful. The description should describe an idea and help the customer make an emotional connection with the product. This will be very useful since many t-shirts are purchased impulsively.

Add Variations

Now that the original mock up is uploaded and ready to sell, we may wish to display multiple styles or colors to the customer. Select “Edit Details” from the current page and click “Add Variation” on the following page to get started.

The same process as before should be followed to generate the mock up files associated with the style and color variations we would like to add. Once the mock up files are prepared they can be uploaded and added to the design group by clicking “Choose File.” Select a mock up file and then choose the corresponding style/variation from the drop down menu and click “Add Color.”

Deleting Variations

If a certain style is not converting, or a mistake was made, variations can be removed from the design group. To remove a variation select the preferred one from the list, and while the orange arrow is under the image, click “Delete” at the bottom of the page.

That is all there is to it! Within just a few minutes our designs are online and ready to sell in a variety of colors and styles.

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