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How To Place Art

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Brother Bob
June 3, 2015 9:00 pm

Great video…but there is a component missing in this process. *** HOW the heck does one get ACCESS to the variety of different colored MOCK-UP shirts in order to place my image and upload. *** Would LOVE a response on this.


For the purpose of this walk through I will start from the beginning.

1. Log in to your manager and select “New Design.”
2. Click the Orange “Select New Art File” button and select the image you would like to use, from your PC, and make sure the image is visible on the left of the screen.
3. When the image has uploaded properly click the green “Next” button.
4. On the following page you can now download the guys, ladies, or hoodie template.
5. Download the appropriate template, and a .zip download will begin.
6. Open the zip folder and there will be a Photoshop ready template inside.
7. Move this file to your desktop so that you may easily find it for the later steps.
8. If you are using gimp, open the program.
9. Once Gimp is loaded on your screen, select the drop down menu “File” on the top left of the screen.
10. From here select “open” this is where you will select the template file to load in to Gimp.
11. Now the Template should be open and you can place your artwork on the mock-up.
12. Once the artwork is positioned save the entire project as a JPG and save it to your desktop for ease of locating
13. Click “Select Mockup File” and add the mock-up file you just created.
14. Select a color for the shirt, and click “Next.”
15. Add a description and you are done!

Hope this helps. If you are not familiar with gimp, here is a video showing how to add art within gimp.


This is 2014 why isn’t’ everything after designing automated? We should be able to “Add color” with a click of a button, and not have do the 15 steps you listed. There are so many things on your site that could easily be automated, like affiliate links all over the place so we do not have to copy and paste, or at least have a link generator. Your website is so far behind the times. Please update.



Thank you for the suggestions; we are currently working on many of the things you have suggested. There are many, many features that we wish to bring to our affiliates to improve their ability to sell and we are working furiously to accomplish that task. Feel free to contact us directly at if you have any further questions or feature requests, we would be more than happy to help.

p.s. It is 2015 😉


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