Generating Free Traffic on Facebook

We would like to provide our artists and affiliates with some advertising and promotional solutions that will not cost an arm and a leg. Similar to our recent article on using Pinterest to generate free traffic, today’s article will show how to promote shirts on Facebook without paying for Facebook ads.

Choosing a Niche

Selling shirts via paid Facebook ads can be highly profitable, but for those who are not familiar with targeting or choosing a high-converting design to promote, it can be very frustrating. First priority is deciding on a niche to be targeted. The niche should be something that we are passionate about with an efficient audience size. An audience’s size should be small enough to be targeted effectively, but not so small there are no customers to buy merchandise.

For example, a page created for fans and owners of a particular dog breed would be very effective. Creating a page for fans of dogs in general would be far to broad and any traffic would be unlikely to purchase from our page. After the page has been created, post images, videos, articles or other information related to the specific dog breed that will keep users engaged with the page daily.

Post Scheduling

Most page operators will post content several times a day to keep users engaged throughout the workday. This makes sprinkling in product posts feel much more organic. Limiting product posts is an art form, and page owners will want to avoid posting to many promotions throughout the week, otherwise fans will “unlike” the page faster than you can say “SunFrog Shirts.”

Posting content several times a day can be a bit daunting, especially when managing several pages. Luckily Facebook has a built in “post scheduler” to help with this task. We suggest setting up an entire days or weeks worth of posts at a time.


Spread The Word

Getting started is the hardest part when trying to get the word out about a page. Start with friends and family, asking them to like and share the page. During the first couple of weeks it may be helpful to boost (run ads) for the page to get initial page likes. The more likes a page has the more frequently our content will be shared with fans. Facebook’s magic number is 100 page likes, at which point our page posts will begin showing up in the news feed on a regular basis. Continue to post engaging content daily, and the page will eventually begin to grow organically.

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