Free Tee Photo Contest

June 29th is Camera Day and SunFrog would like to celebrate with a Free Tee Photo Contest!

How do you SunFrog

Do you enjoy a day at the beach, hiking in the mountains, traveling the world or sharing SunFrog with the family? We would love to see how we fit in to our SunFroggers’ busy lives. Show off the artist within by submitting a photo, that best illustrates your SunFrog story, for a chance to win a free tee!


1. Submit a photo to our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page along with the hashtag #frogfreetee.
2. Photo must include a SunFrog tee or hoodie, or you may use our logo (please do not manipulate the logo or jeopardize it’s integrity.)
3. Photos will be judged based on:
                                         CREATIVE USE OF TEE OR LOGO
                                         PROFESSIONALISM AND QUALITY
                                         UNIQUENESS OF LOCATION
                                         THE FUN FACTOR
4. You may submit multiple photos.
5. Photos will be released to our social media sites.
6. One winner from each category will receive a free SunFrog T-shirt.

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