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As many marketers know the large majority of consumers do not purchase on their first visit. If their information is not captured for future contact, they will likely not visit again, leaving a lot of money on the table.

At SunFrog we have your back! We understand that the most expensive element of marketing is identifying your consumer base. Customer acquisition is expensive, but is well worth it if the information is used properly. Return visitors, who have already been targeted based on interest, are more likely to purchase than the average consumer. For this reason, SunFrog will now retarget customers who have abandoned the cart.

Cart Abandonment Campaign

When a customer leaves the cart SunFrog will retrieve the customer through an aggressive e-mail solution. Fifteen minutes after abandonment a reminder will be sent, letting the customer know there are items left in their cart. Twenty four hours later a promotional e-mail will be sent with a 10% off coupon applied to their items. We then follow up a third, and final, time after seventy-two hours to pick up the sale.


Earnings to the Affiliates

The best part about our retargeting e-mail solution; there are no extra steps that need to be taken and the affiliate/artist will retain their portions of the commission. Simply fire, forget and watch your earnings increase.

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I have been an affiliate / artist of SunFrog since March 2014 and must say I am delighted at all the work you guys put into helping affiliates and artists. This is another great example. Keep up the good work.


@Mel Thank you for the kind words, it is our aim to make SunFrog the best place to sell for our affiliates!


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