Five “Hot Tee” Tips

T-shirts and hoodies have become big business over the last couple of years. It seems like everybody is designing a shirt to sell. Designing a t-shirt to market is easier than ever and for those without the ability, or the inclination, there is a large community of artists for hire. There are some things designers will want to keep in mind that can make or break sales. Here are five tips to help design a better tee.

Always Check Spelling and Grammar

There is nothing that will kill a design’s sales potential faster than spelling and grammar errors. Potential customers may flock to an awesome design, but when they see errors, only those missing the error are likely to purchase the design.


Be Sure the Design Makes Sense


The image of the dog, in this design, implies that the wearer of the shirt is married to a dog. An unclear message may get a laugh and a “like,” but not a purchase.

Create Appealing and Easy-to-Read Designs

A shirt design should be eye-catching, have a strong message and the font should be both appealing and easy to read. It is best to keep a design simple, classic and timeless.

Color Matters

Planning out color schemes is also an important factor in the design. Designers should select fonts and colors that will contrast the shirt colors well. Each niche has particular colors that convert better; do some research before creating niche focused designs.

Personal Scrutiny

Once the design is finished it is time for the hardest test of all. Get the design mocked up on a tee and examine whether this would be a product you would consider buying. Some designs do not transfer over to apparel, while others will translate surprisingly well.


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