Now that we have an audience primed, and a general idea of what they want, it is time to focus on generating the actual design. There are a few key things to focus on in order to generate a successful design. In this article we will cover basic design philosophies, how to upload art and copyright/trademark concerns.

Purchasing Power

Through polling various audiences it is generally accepted that about two thirds of all the buying power, online, are women between the ages of thirty and fifty. This is something we will always want to keep in the back of our mind when creating designs.

Message First

The most important thing about our design is going to be the message. It is very difficult to sell a design purely on the quality of the artistry. Through current trends in the media, and basic human psychology, it is easier for an individual to identify with a message rather than a piece of art. The first priority should be getting the messages we wish to test in front of our audience to vote on. In this step we are focusing purely on the message, and not at all on how the design looks on the shirt. Generate some mock ups and poll your audience to see which message they like best.

Test the Design

After we have chosen the message we feel will have the best conversion, it is time to decide how to display the message. This can be done in a similar fashion to how we decided on our message. Generate mock-ups containing the same message, but displayed in different ways and see which one your audience likes best. Outside of your fan pages, you may also wish to run a few quick ads to poll a larger audience. After the message and design are locked down, generate the design and get ready to sell!

Upload Art

Now that our design has been generated we need to upload it to the SunFrog Shirts website. The comprehensive guide for uploading art can be found here.


An important consideration of a design must be whether or not it violates any copyright or trademark laws. To make sure an image is truly unique you may find our Copyright/Trademark Information article very useful.

Some affiliates may wish to market only to their fan pages, and can be very successful doing so. Often times we are looking for a way to scale up our profits, and ad buying can do just that. Ad buying can be very confusing and overwhelming, so we have a few tips to share to get started which will be covered in part three of SAT (ADs).

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