Creating Facebook Ads

Jumping in to the ad buying game can be very daunting if new to the process. Facebook has the best targeting and largest user base of any other social media service; consequently, it can also be very confusing to market on. Today we will be focusing on setting up our first test ad on Facebook. To get started log in to Facebook and click over to the fan page you would like to run an ad from.


This is my “Gamer Girls” page. On this fan page I only post content that relates to female video game enthusiasts. Before creating an ad we want to find or design a shirt to sell within our niche.


After selecting the design we will want to consider what the key selling points of the design are. The major selling points with this particular design are going to be the video game related humor and its unique appeal to the female gamer. When posting this design on our fan page there are few essential aspects we will want to add to the “creative.”

  1. An engaging tagline to connect the consumer to the product
  2. A clear call to action
  3. An attractive link that is easy to spot
  4. A simple image
  5. A reason for the consumer to buy the product

Our First Campaign


Ads Manager is the Facebook app that will allow us to control all of our ads. To find Ads Manager just type it in the Facebook search bar. To create our first ad, simply click on the green create ad button in the top right of the screen. From there we will want to create a Page Post Engagement (ppe) ad. PPE ads, currently, are the best converting ad type early in a t-shirt’s career. Select the page and post to be boosted and hit continue.

Ad Set

Next we need to decide who the primary audience for our product is going to be. We have already limited the organic audience, through the fan page we placed it on, but now we need to limit the paid audience. There are tools on Facebook to help determine where the audience is, but for the purpose of this article we will keep the explanation of the ad set very basic. The fantasy gamer niche encompasses the age range 18-34 most exclusively and we also want to target women gamers who have purchased before. When running a test campaign we will generally want a $5.00 daily spend, this will serve our ad to consumers most likely to buy.

Fire Away

Now that our Campaign, Ad Set and Ad are created it is time to place the order. After the ad is approved it will run to the target audience until we chose to end it. We prefer to run a continuous ad campaign that can be scaled up or turned off in a few days, based on performance. Facebook tracks engagement in real time, so keep an eye on the ad to see how it performs throughout the day.

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