Collections Slider

We have been working on upgrading collections and would like to show off one of the new features, the slider!


Collections can now hold up to six banner images that will scroll at the top of the page for the customer. Affiliates also have the option to set the primary banner, drag and drop images and set their priority in the scroll que. This allows for the placement of several fan page banners within one collection.

Artist Page

The slider has also been added to the artist page. Artists can choose up to six featured images to display within their personal artist page. Now artist’s custom logos can be shown off to the customer! This is the first of several changes we plan to make to the collections page. Keep a lookout for future updates.

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Awesome! I’d also LOVE to see the COLLECTIONS MODE allow for picking t-shirts for “whatever” collection you’re working on….and have it NOT Refresh the page and make me start all over from the beginning. That would easily improve everyone’s productivity by 40%….(fingers crossed) πŸ˜‰


Adding a t-shirt from within the product page will allow you to back out to the same spot on the search page. This is not a permanent solution, but a work around until we improve the process further πŸ˜‰


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