Retargeting: Introduction

Retargeting is a form of advertising that helps keep our products top of mind to the consumer. For most websites, only about 2% of traffic converts on the first visit. A retargeting ad focuses on bringing the other 98% of…

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Now that we have an audience primed, and a general idea of what they want, it is time to focus on generating the actual design. There are a few key things to focus on in order to generate a successful…

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Tee History

July 9, 2015

This weeks fun fact Friday brings us a fun info-graphic detailing the history of the T-shirt. Follow along while we time hop from cutting long underwear in half, to groovy expressionism and finally to the multi billion dollar a year…

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Top 10 DIY Patriotic T-Shirt Crafts

July 2, 2015
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Patriotic Movie Night

July 1, 2015

The fireworks are over, the kids have gone to bed, midnight has come and gone, but you still have guests to entertain. It is time for spirits and one more snack. Cuddle up on the couch in your favorite t-shirt,…

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Website Remodel

May 19, 2015

SunFrog has grown significantly over the last year, nearly twenty eight hundred percent! We are very thankful to all of our affiliates and artists that have supported us to make this growth possible. SunFrog has been working very hard over…

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Private Label Tees

April 13, 2015

SunFrog is happy to announce its new line of private label tees! We have just scored a new line of tag less tees printed with the SunFrog name and logo. Shirts purchased by the end customer, moving forward, will be…

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Love and T-Shirts

March 6, 2015

This story begins with a young man in a career path, as many of us found ourselves in early in life, searching for a better way to earn. Phan Thai was working as a construction engineer making about $400.00 per…

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February 12, 2015

Last year SunFrog printed and shipped more shirts than ever. Thank you to all of our affiliates, artists and end customers for an amazing year! As any good company does we reviewed our numbers to see how satisfied our customers…

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Top 11 reasons to use SunFrog

Top 11 Reasons to Use SunFrog

January 23, 2015

1. No Sales Goals At SunFrog we pride ourselves on our unique sales perspective. We do not require our affiliates to obtain specific sales goals or ‘tipping points’ to profit. This leaves you free to sell personalized T-shirts to niche markets, with…

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