June 15, 2015

One of the most frequent questions we get is “how can I be successful with SunFrog.” As many of us know, there is no short answer or easy road to success. Because of the complicated nature of this topic, we…

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How to: Upload Art

June 5, 2015

SunFrog is an affiliate based platform, but art is very highly valued. Without our artist partners our affiliates would not have any shirts to market. Many of our affiliates also prefer to design their own shirts to have more control…

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Pinterest “Pinning” Tips

June 3, 2015

Pinterest can be a very powerful method for driving traffic to SunFrog affiliate links and shirt collections, but it has to be done correctly. Failing to adhere to certain guidelines risks failure and possible loss of Pinterest account(s). Here are…

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Using Pinterest To Generate Free Traffic

May 28, 2015

Pinterest is an image-based social site with 80-85% women as its members. Women tend to be the buyers in most families, and approximately 60% of Pinterest users have made purchases from clicking through links on Pinterest. For these reasons, Pinterest can…

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SunFrog 101

March 30, 2015

Welcome to SunFrog Shirts! In this article we will be covering the basics of how to use the SunFrog platform to sell t-shirts online. We will cover how to navigate the dashboard, affiliate commissions and adding the affiliate ID to…

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Campaign Tracking

February 10, 2015

Many of our affiliates have been asking about the campaign tab on the SunFrog manager page. Today we would like to cover the basics of campaign tracking, and what it can do for you. Data Mining 101 The campaign tracker,…

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