Campaign Tracking

Many of our affiliates have been asking about the campaign tab on the SunFrog manager page. Today we would like to cover the basics of campaign tracking, and what it can do for you.

Data Mining 101

The campaign tracker, quite simply, is a data mining tool that will let you keep track of the different ways your shirts sell. Have you ever wondered where, what, why, or how your shirts are selling? The tracker is the tool that will bring this information to your manager page. To view your campaigns log in to your account and select the “campaign” tab.


Adding Campaigns

By creating a campaign tracking address, our affiliates are effectively creating a database for monitoring their shirts views/sales. To create a tracking address, simply attach a variable to your existing affiliate link.


After creating a tracking link our affiliates will want to use the entire link when promoting their shirts. Any time a shirt is viewed, using the newly created link, our system will record the “view” and note it on the campaign page. Whenever a shirt is purchased from SunFrog, as an end result of the customer using the tracking link, our system will note this as a “sale” on the campaign page.

Endless Possibilities

The campaign page gives our affiliates the ability to track their campaigns by any variables they want. To jump start your campaign tracking, here are some ideas:

  • Track a campaign that is targeted toward a specific gender
  • Track a campaign to compare sales between regions
  • Track how well particular color shirts are selling among our niches
  • Track how well your shirts are selling on mobile platforms

Ultimately, our affiliates may use this information to decipher how well certain campaigns are doing. This will allow you to focus on the campaigns that are working and pull those that are falling short.

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