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Ever wished your “Buy Now” button was a different color, or had different text?

SunFrog allows you to do just that, to test your conversion with different variations.

To get started, log in to your SunFrog account and enter the advanced features page.

Color Options

On the advanced features page, we can see the button options for both color and text at the top of the page. These are they different commands that can be placed at the end of your marketable link that will effect the look of the “Buy Now” button. Let us take a look at what the process behind changing our button color to red would look like. First thing we need to do is enter “edit design” for the product page we would like to adjust the button color for.

Click the orange URL to open the product page in your browser. Once the URL is open in your browser we can insert one of the following commands after our affiliate ID to change our button’s color.

  • btn=o Orange
  • btn=g Green
  • btn=r Red
  • btn=b Blue

To change our button to red we would want to add &btn=r after our affilaite ID to make the change. After you have entered the code refresh your browser to see the change.

Text Options

The process for changing the text of the button is very similar to the process of changing the color. To change the button text place one of the following commands after your affiliate link.

  • txt=a “Add to Cart”
  • txt=b “Buy it Now”
  • txt=p “Purchase”

To change our button to say “Add to Cart” place the command &txt=a after your affiliate ID.

As seen in the second picture both commands can be used at the same time, changing our button color to red and changing it to read “Add to Cart.” To find out how button color and text can effect your conversion check out Button Color: Why it Matters.

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