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Today we would like to cover some of the more advanced features that SunFrog offers its affiliates. Many of you may have seen them on the affiliate manager page under the “advanced features” tab. In this article we will be going over branding and nav control.
Advanced Features Click

Clap On! Clap Off!

Nearly as simple as clap activated lighting, here is an easy way you can change the look and feel of the page. By default, our main page is set up so the end customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Shell on

The command for this view is ( and provides header, footer and the navigation control side bar. By entering in the command ( you are able to remove navigation function.

shell off

By removing navigation you are left with a more image focused view that is much more conducive to I-framing. This slimmed down view provides some very powerful options for our users who would like to fit a design collection on to their own web page. This feature could be used to frame and spotlight your own designs, designs of a specific artist or even a full collections of shirts that you are trying to market.

Building Your Own Brand

Now that we have covered the basics of turning navigation on and off, let’s take your brand up a notch. When jumping in to a specific shirt, you will see the shirt displayed with navigation on screen as well as cross-sell functionality. Some of our affiliates may find that they are able to sell a specific design better if the cross-selling functionality is removed from the page. To do this log in to your affiliate account at

    • From here select the “edit art” tab and select the shirt you would like to remove cross selling from.

Edit Art

      • Below the T-shirt mock up, you will see that there are two view options. By default, Full View is on providing the cross-sell functionality to other shirts that your customers may be interested in.

manager FV

    • Because you earn your affiliate commission on any shirt purchased on our site, when customers visit our site via your affiliate link, it is a good idea to use Full View.

cross sell on

    • However, if you are trying to market one specific design and do not want customers distracted by other designs, Slim View is a great option.
    • To remove cross-selling from the design simply select Slim View and then update the page by clicking “update” at the bottom of the page.

Manager SV

  • After the page has been updated, you can grab the link at the top and post it in to an incognito window (ctr+shift+n) to preview your shirt in this view.

cross sell off

Total Control

With this image, we have now effectively turned off all the bells and whistles around the shirt design. Slim View removes both the cross selling as well as the navigation control. If we want to take it a step further, we can also remove the header and footer from the page. By inserting the command &shelloff to the end of your newly created link we can achieve this. The total command for the desired image would read: (

cross sell and shell off

We can now launch directly in to a product that you can feature to your consumer without fear of distraction. This gives you a lot of control over how your image appears to the customer and makes it very easy to brand your design. You now have a stand alone image that can very easily be placed into an I-frame and featured on your own web page.

A Cut Above

With this demonstration, you can begin to see how powerful a tool SunFrog can be for designing and marketing your product. We are dedicated to not only providing a stable platform to use, but also innovating the way you sell.

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