Often times affiliates are looking for a way to scale up profits, and ad buying can do just that. Ad buying can be very confusing and overwhelming, so we have a few tips to share to get started.

Outward Marketing

One of the mistakes that is commonly made, is going after to broad an audience early in a campaign’s lifespan. A campaign is generally more successful if we start by pushing the campaign to a core group and then market it out to a broader audience as it is successful. After doing research on the topic we have come up with a basic road map that has seen very strong results.

  1. Previous buyers within niche
  2. Previous website clickers
  3. Long tail keywords
  4. LAL audience
  5. Broad keywords
1.) Previous Buyers

The obvious choice has to be consumers that have already purchased product within the niche before. This is the most passionate crowd and has the highest potential to purchase.

2.) Previous Website Clickers

Moving out from the core group, we can then look to users who have visited our fan pages, or viewed our ads before.

3.) Long Tail Keywords

If the second level also sees success we can start to get more creative with the audience we are targeting. Our next move is to go after the keyword searches of the most passionate members of our niche, and market to those audiences as well.

4.) Look Alike Audience

We can now start to focus on audiences that have similarities with the customers that have purchased our design. A LAL or “look alike audience” allows us to target those consumers.

5.) Broad Keywords

If we have had this level of success, our design has already sold beyond our expectations. The next move is targeting key word results of users who are remotely interested in the subject matter.

Managing Success

The important thing to note, is that campaigns should only be expanded if we are seeing success in the current ads. If our campaign fails at step 1 this is telling that we need to market different designs. If at any point the campaign is expanded, and the ads are not selling consider scaling back and just running the ads that were successful. In this way we ensure we are maximizing our level of success with limited risk. To see these practices in action we have also put together articles on Creating Facebook Ads and Creating Pinterest Ads.

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