Marketing Shirts for Valentines Day

9 Valentines Day Marketing Tips

February 14th, Valentines’s Day. Valentines Day is another great holiday to take advantage of another ecommerce sales spike. Let’s think beyond ‘flowers’! There are a number of opportunities to market to. Wives and girlfriends may find the perfect gift in a t-shirt that speaks to their guy’s hobby or humor. Husbands and boyfriends might find a shirt with a humorous or special phrase speaks to their loved one in a new unique way. And let’s phase it, you can’t wear a Valentine’s card! Well, we don’t recommend it anyway. You can even find a niche in marketing to the Valentine’s haters to wear in protest!

We’ve compiled 9 marketing tips and ideas for promoting and selling your designs for Valentine’s day.

1. Be the matchmaker. Create a design with a message somebody could wear on a date with their ‘crush’ to reveal their feelings.

2. Create a SunFrog Collection. Create a Valentine’s day landing page that offers a variety of designs for ‘Him’ and ‘Her’.

3. The haters! Not everyone is a fan of this particular holiday. Don’t fight it, just roll with it and create a few designs you can market to singles!

4. Something New. Create a new design. Something new and fresh will excite your prospective buyers and help you stand out in the crowd.

5. Pick A Theme. Mash up a theme with Valentine’s day this year. A shirt design that speaks to the bond between pet and owner is very marketable to ‘Pet Owners’.

6. Change your logo. Add something “Valentine ‘ish” to your fan page profile image or website logo. Google has been perfecting this for years.

7. Offer Matching ‘His & Hers’. Matching couples are cute. Take advantage of this by selling two of your designs that match up!

8. Think outside the heart. Don’t limit your sales to just relationships. There are many segments out there like friends, classmates, and co-workers that you can market to with phrases like “Fall in Love with this” or “You’re Going to Love This”.

9. Social Engagement. Boost engagement on your posts. Asking people “Who would you give this shirt to?”, is a great way to get communication going.

Remember with SunFrog you don’t need to be a designer to make money. You can market any design on our site as an affiliate. We’ve included 10 proven Valentine’s Day designs from SunFrog Shirts to help you get started! If you’re not an affiliate, sign up now!

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